Cross Email Marketing Platfor

Skyrocket your leads!

Use Cross-Promotion Email Marketing to partner up and double, or even triple the users you reach.

Cross Promo Dashboard

Equal partnership, non-equal size partners

You can partner with someone that has a different number of users. We'll make sure you'll receive and send an equal number of leads.

Run ongoing email campaigns

Send and receive daily emails automatically with the segmented users you assigned for the campaigns.

Multiple email partners at the same time

Cross Email Marketing automatically runs campaigns in parallel, without overcrowding your users' email inbox.

Cross-Promotion Email Marketing Automation

Do cross-promotion email campaigns professionally. Let Cross Email Marketing do the work, reliable and accurate.


Marketplace for cross-promotion partners

Easily find other vendors interested in running cross-promotional campaigns. Fast approval system and ready to send and receive leads with just a few clicks.

Run discounted email campaigns

Get better conversions, so more leads, when you run discounted email marketing campaigns. x% off or free for the first few months does the trick.

Segment the users

Segment the users you want to send the cross-promotion email campaigns and you can also ask to be promoted only to a specific segment of your partners' users.

Why should you use Cross Email Marketing platform?

It may be tempting to just do email cross-promotional campaigns the old way, manually, but look at the advantages of using Cross Email Marketing.

Top security standards & encrypted database

Campaign analytics to measure partners efficiency

Never share the email of your users with your partners

Marketplace: Easily find new partners

Pay only for real clicks, not emails sent

Ongoing campaigns to get daily new leads

Simple pricing



per month



per month



per month

Frequently asked questions

Get a better understanding of how Cross Email Marketing works

Do I have to share my users' emails?

Your partners will NEVER receive your users' email. We handle sending the email campaigns. You will have to share access with us like any other CRM. We took extra security measures, encrypting all your users' emails.

How much does it cost?

We first let you use it for free, and if you receive good results and want to continue using it, we will discuss the pricing individually.

How does it work?

To explain it in a few works, you find a partner, set campaign details, partner approves, we handle the rest, on a daily basis, showing you live results.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. The emails will not be sent from your partner. They will receive the email from your own domain. So if they have subscribed to receive emails from you, GDPR is not an issue.

Can I use it with someone outside Cross Promo?

Yes! You can find your own partners and tell them to join Cross Promo so you can both benefit from all the features Cross Promo provides.

I have more questions ...

Just use the chat widget on the bottom right of the page to get in contact with us. We usually reply in a few minutes or a few hours.

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